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"Landscape Portraits" - Customized Paintings 

A custom painting is an original oil painting designed and painted specifically for your size parameters and image request.  I will use photos as inspiration and reference while I paint your scene using my vision, technique, style, and color palette.  I would be happy to consider your special landscape or home/farm portrait.
Finally, I am
not a photo realist.  You are requesting that I paint you a picture and it will be unique in that way. 

Custom Painting Sizes and Prices 

30 x 40  $2400        24 x 36  $1700        15 x 30  $900        20 x 20  $800        12 x 24  $570
24 x 48  $2300        18 x 36  $1290          18 x 24  $860        16 x 20  $640        11 x 14  $300
How do I Order a Custom Painting?

We will discuss your ideas, how it can be made into a painting, imagery I will use as reference, size, and cost.  If you decide that I am the artist for you, we will then work on specific details that include time schedule, shipping, and a quick sketch.  Both the artist and client will sign off on the design, and we will both get a copy of the discussed details.  A deposit will be taken at the time of ordering.