Amy Kaye Taylor
Oil Paintings of the American Landscape




After growing up in luscious green Ohio, I spent three years teaching art on the Navajo Reservation.  The majestic red rock formations and Navajo culture spoke to me and inspired my career as a painter.  Now as I have traveled more and moved back to Ohio, my paintings reflect the diversity of my current surroundings.


My paintings are inspired by places I find while Iím running, hiking or just driving around.  I now see these Midwest scenes with the kind of intensity and awe I experienced when I first saw the red rock in Arizona.  I continue to use the bold colors I love from my southwest influence but apply these powerful colors to the grassy hills, trees and skies of my latest adventures.


My one of a kind vistas come to life through oil paint on canvas.  Each painting starts with a sketch or some photos from a scenic visit.  Back in the studio, I retell a story using paints and brushes.  The first layer of paint maps out the landscape while additional layers set the mood and provide details.


I know a painting is finished when I have completed my story and I feel I can add no more paint.  I feel a painting is successful if it can cause people to stop for a moment and escape!